Hi,  My name is Gwendalyn Abrams and I love taking photos of nature and creating different designs with them.  I am a Mom to one, a travel blogger and author of three Kindle Books so far.

I decided that I would like to start a jewelry line of my pattern art creations.  So for me, the best way a working single mother could do so, was to open my store at:

I thought I would create a blog about how I came up with my unique designs in case anyone was interested to know.  This blog will also include some fashion and jewelry info that I have learned and researched.  I am kind of fashionably backwards, but I think jewelry and accessories are pretty.

I usually create canvas prints, wall tapestries and phone cases with my photographs for sale at:

I also sell home and bathroom decor of my art at:

I just really enjoy creating the art.  It is a good stress relief and helps with the ups and downs of life.

Sorry for all the "I's" on this About Me Page, but here is one more:

I hope you will enjoy reading about my designs and Thank You So Much for taking the time to stop by and take a look.
"May your week be filled with Sunshine and Adventure.  Remember to try to find the positive in each day, it may be very tiny and hard to find sometimes, but try as hard as you can to find something to keep you moving forward.  Each day is a gift."